utorak, 13. prosinca 2011.

Planet Bracelet

Planet bracelet
A natural progression from the Saturn pendant and earrings, this bracelet is intended to complete the set. In practical terms, this particular piece only fits my small wrist, so the final version will probably have 5 spheres rather than the 4 seen here.

Planet bracelet showing clasp
The construction is similar to the pendant and earrings; anodised aluminium spheres, strung together on nylon-coated stainless steel cable, and clasped with sterling silver fastenings.

Planet bracelet perspective
There are some problems getting the crimps tight enough to hold the spheres together, as the cable tends to move out of alignment as it passes through the middle section of the sphere. I'm hoping to fix this on the next piece by drilling smaller holes and paying more attention to cable alignment as the crimping takes place.

Planet bracelet undone
Another new workshop development is the aquisition of Adobe Lightroom, which is why the style of photography has changed considerably since the last post. I imagine it will probably take some experimentation to find a winning formula, so things might vary a bit until then...

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  1. Wow! good work and beautiful photos! Lightroom is fantastic and you are an artist! I love the colours of this planets...