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Heart Rate Ring and the Saturn Series

Black Heart Rate Ring, after anodising, dying and engraving
After much procrastination, I finally got round to anodising and engraving the men's version of the Heart Rate Ring. I'd been holding off because I had to figure out how to jig it adequately. Since this piece doesn't have any holes in its design, I made a couple of small indents on the inside surface, and made a kind of sprung pincer from thick-gauge aluminium wire. The engraving was added after anodising, in order to give the line a contrasting colour.
Saturn pendant
These pieces are the start of a new planet-based line of work. The idea was to create something modular, which could be used to make sets of pendants, earrings and bracelets. For now, I'm sticking with the blue/black/silver colour scheme, but will expand this once I've completed a full set of work. All pieces are anodised aluminium, with nylon-coated stainless steel cable and sterling silver fastenings.

Saturn Earrings
The modules for the Saturn series are reasonably easy to anodise, since they all have holes integrated into their design. This makes it much easier to create a good contact between the pieces and the tank bar, and seems to have a reasonably high success rate. 

Saturn Earrings, as a pair
 Modules can be mixed and matched for any combination of colours, so can be fully customised. For now, I've just mixed the elements of the earrings to make them as different as possible within a pair.

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  1. They're beautiful, Juliet (and so are the heart rate rings)