subota, 11. veljače 2012.

Copper Bracelets

Cardboard pattern for bracelets

In order to progress, I've decided to stray a little from the form of the 'demonstration' bracelets, and lot from their design motifs. The first step of this process is to draw a new form, and make a cardboard pattern from which the copper shapes can be traced and cut. The first shape I'm trying is not vastly different from the demonstration shape; it's more rounded in the centre, so that a circle can be worked into the design, but is otherwise very similar.

Copper form traced from pattern

The copper form is cut from sheet with tin snips, and then filed to shape and deburred. I like to clean the copper surface with steel wool before beginning, in order to remove any oxides. It's much easier to do this now, while the piece is flat, and it means you can see your design more clearly as you work.

Finished bracelet with bird motif

This is how the chased bracelet looks. It still needs to be shaped, and the final finish (patina, lacquer) needs to be added, but the design work is now complete. The next post will show this process in more detail.

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