petak, 10. veljače 2012.

Traditional Bosnian Copperwork

The workshop has taken a change of direction lately; it's too cold for anodising (the chemicals have to be kept between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius, and right now the outside temperature ranges from -10 to -18), and I've been asked to teach a workshop on traditional Bosnian copperwork in the summer. Because my knowledge of traditional techniques is limited, I'm learning from one of the Masters in Bascarsija (the old part of town where the craftsmen have their shops). He's set me up with some tools and some copper, and a traditional design that I need to replicate 3 times, to keep me busy until the warmer weather returns.
Bracelet with traditional floral motifs, before shaping

The technique employed here is chasing, whereby designs are hammered into the copper using a series of customised punches. More information about technical aspects will appear in the next post.

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