četvrtak, 22. rujna 2011.

Anodising in Progress

Heart Rate Rings, in progress
 These rings are ready for anodising, and are just waiting for me to figure out how to build the jig which will attach them to the tank bar. The engraving is based on readouts from ECG heart-rate monitors, and the idea is to make the line a different colour to the body of the ring post-anodising. Each pulse of the heart-rate is intended to remind the wearer that he or she is alive - there is still hope!

Square Rings, in progress
 I wanted to try something new with these, decided to change the shape. Don't be deceived by their appearance; they're actually surprisingly comfortable! Again, the engraved line will be a different colour to the body of the ring. The corners should make them slightly easier to jig for anodising, too.

Modules for earrings, pendants and bracelets, ready for anodising

When finished, these parts will be assembled to make planet-like jewellery, pictures of which will follow. In the meantime, I wanted to show you how they look when they're about to be anodised. The thin wires connect the modules to the tank bar, with a tight connection. If there's any movement at all between the part and the wire or the wire and the tank bar, the anodising process will fail. Sometimes you can't tell until you come to dye the piece whether or not it has been properly attached. 

Bottle Opener Pendants

 Bottle Opener Pendants, top view

 These were the first pieces to be anodised, and as they were easy to jig, were supposed to be test pieces. The idea was to see how the process worked and iron out any obvious problems. Since I like the way they turned out, I'm now making a cutting model in order to try to get a batch of them laser-cut. That way, they'll be faster to produce, and cheaper to buy!

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