četvrtak, 1. rujna 2011.


Hi Folks, this is Turkish (Bosnian) coffee. I decorate those little shiny things that people use to serve the coffee, and hope to be making them soon too. I'm also making a line of multifunctional contemporary jewellery which is currently in progress. I will upload photos very soon of my work, the studio and more, so you know where to find me. Then all you have to do is to come, pay me a visit and maybe buy something. All designs will soon be available to order over the internet and be sure, each product will be handmade and unique.
C U soon guys


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  1. I haven't made or decorated any 'dzezvica', but this reminds me on so many great moments we were drinking coffee from pots like that, together with enjoying 'ćejf' (I m sure u will explain 'ćejf' by time:)) and feel so happy and proud to wish u good luck with workshop&blog&'producing' happy sharing moments to other people drinking from it. U ćejf! ;)